May 1st, 2014

Blue Red

Lj idol, rec post

This weeks vote for LJ Idol is back to being open for anyone to vote.

These are the posts that I feel are worth mentioning. :D

Redemption Tribe
malinaldarose - I like the progression through the story.

Tribe 1
aimingtobefit - I enjoyed reading the information given in this.
jexia - shows the fun and speed of a great Scottish evening.

Tribe 2
belgatherial - A good life lesson.
eeyore_grrl - I really liked this but liked it even more when I heard her interpretation on her video.
kickthehobbit - A well thought out story with lots of detail.

Tribe 3
Not finished yet. I'll edit my recs in when I have x

If you've enjoyed reading what they have written and you would like to vote for them... or anyone then here's the current poll.