May 3rd, 2014


This week

I seem to have been busy again this week.

LJ idol actually takes up a lot of time! If I'm not writing then I'm reading and commenting. I suppose I should have known it would take up time when I started but I also thought I might only last a couple of weeks lol! I'm really happy to still be in. It does stick two fingers up to all my teachers at school who were forever saying that I was really rubbish at English! I was always top of the class for maths and the sciences but bottom of the class for English and they were always giving me a hard time and saying that I should have been as equally good in all my subjects.

In the middle of the week I got a letter saying the plasterer was coming to replaster my bedroom where I had the leak all last year. As the wall had dried out  I could see that under a couple of strips of wallpaper the old 1970's gloss paint on the plaster was all cracking off so I had to strip off more wall paper and brush down the wall so he could plaster. He came and re-plastered and I'm now waiting for it to dry. When it's dry (and I finally have evidence that there are still no tiny leaks!) I've got to get them to come and give it a anti damp treatment and then I can finally repaper. I do suspect that with these flats being so old that it is very likely that a leak will happen all over again once I've re-papered!

I went for a walk to the top of the village yesterday to get out of the house. I had a nice walk around the park and then met up with a woman I'm friends with (she's the mother of the bloke who I was friends with who died) and we went for a coffee and a bun and had a lovely chat. I was going to take my camera out with me but I couldn't find it quickly yesterday which is unusual as I always know where it is. I must have a proper look for it today!

That's about it really :)