September 17th, 2014

Blue Red

balderdash_game community promotion - please join us.

I would like to invite people to join balderdash_game. We are a nice friendly group who have fun playing balderdash on LJ. If you enjoy playing with words then have a look at the community and join us.

A new game is starting on Sunday 5th October at 10pm BST.

Balderdash is a game with 5 different rounds played over 5 weeks (words, dates, films, people and initials) The idea of the game is not to guess the real answer, although you get a point if you do, but to try to convince other people that your definition is the real definition.

Anyone, whether a member of the community, a watcher or a non member, may vote in any game. Please join the group if you would like to join in the game and send in a definition for a round, but please note that if you do send in a definition for a round you will need to be able to visit the community later in the same week to cast a vote. You can play just one week as and when you want to or you can play a full game, although all members at the moment play the full game.

As an example of how the game works, the first round in a new game is the 'word' round. I post a word on a Sunday evening, and players make up a definition and PM it to me. On Wednesday evening all the definitions, plus the real one, are posted and everyone has until Sunday night to vote for which one they think is the real answer. If someone votes for your definition you get a point and if you vote for the right answer you get a point. The person with the most points at the end of the five rounds is the winner of the game.