September 30th, 2014

Blue Red

Lj idol, last chance

I've just arrived home this afternoon after various excursions to discover that LJ idol last chance is starting. I really could have done with it being just one week later as I still have one last weekend of being busy doing exciting things - but it can't be helped.

So this evening had originally been left free so that I could start my summer catch up posts and instead I have spent it writing!

LJ Idol last chance here we go! yay!
Blue Red


At the beginning of September kickthehobbit arranged a postcard exchange.

Before I went away last week I recieved these two postcards -

from boblemon in Japan, a postcard of the town she used to live in during the winter festival.

postcard exchange 1

and from roina_arwen a picture of Big South Fork in the USA

postcard exchange 2

This afternoon the postman delivered me my last postcard from the exchange -

This card from the USA from kickthehobbit is of a painting by Emily Carr.

Postcard exchange 3

Lastly today I also received a holiday postcard from spikesgirl58 from Hawaii where she tells me the sunsets look as good as they do on the picture!

from spikesgirl

Thank you to everyone for the lovely postcards. I enjoyed receiving them and reading what you had written to me.
And finally a big thank you to kickthehobbit for organising the postcard exchange.