November 14th, 2014

Blue Red

Spammy nonsense

I just came across some spammy advert on facebook for a diet drink. The ad claims -

Sarah from London was reported to have lost a healthy 16 kilograms in just 5 weeks.

I always ignore these things but the words 'lost a healthy 16kg in 5 weeks' caught my attention. I converted 16kgs to 35.2lbs! That's two and a half stones... in 5 weeks! That means on average she's supposedly lost half a stone every week. I'm sorry but when has that ever been healthy? Isn't it recomended that losing around 2lbs a week is healthier?

Edit...I forgot to say that there was also a photo of a very large woman and then the same woman nearly stick thin. As a 5 foot person to whom a few pounds can make a difference to my size, I know that you still can't go from very large to stick thin after 35lbs unless you are about 4 foot 7inches tall!!

Right time to go to bed and back to ignoring stupid spammy nonsense adverts like this rubbish!