January 10th, 2015

Blue Red

ask me to post about anything - 10th Jan

Redheaded men.
asked by pixielix

I’ve always had a thing for men with red hair. I really can’t remember when it started. As a very young child I used to say that I wished that I was a redhead and that if I ever had children I wanted red haired ones!

When I was younger I would just find someone attractive but not really know why. If they ever come up in conversation nowadays my friends may often say “no I was never keen. Didn’t fancy him. He was a bit too ginger for me!” I’ve come to realise there were many, many, more men in my teenage years that were red than I realised!

Now I do seem to have an inbuilt ‘redar’ (my redhead radar) My friends and I will be out and about and a friend will nudge me and tell me there is a red head across the room/street and I’ll laugh and say ‘Oh I know... I noticed them ages ago! I can also spot the closet redheads...those who have chosen to hide the fact and dye their hair.

I think the prejudice towards them in the UK is really terrible. There is a ‘slap a ginger day’ and ‘spit at a ginger day’ and all sorts of horrid things. One family even had their house burned down because all the children were ‘Ginger’! It must be really tough growing up and living with red hair in the UK. If I ever mention it to people when they are making ginger comments about people they always reply with “yeah but it’s just a laugh and a joke isn’t it!” They don’t seem to get the point that when it happens ALL the time to someone it’s no longer funny!!

Personally, I really love the overall look that having red hair brings. There are the auburn/copper colours that usually go with freckles and really dark brown eyes and the strawberry blond colours that usually go with really pale skin and blue eyes. Both are very attractive! I love red/blond eyelashes and eyebrows when they don’t show up very well on the face and freckly shoulders are nice too.

Heres a link to an article about gingerism

and a funny but serious song by Tim Minchin (lyrics get a little bit NSFW in places)