May 27th, 2015

Blue Red


I had to buy all new lily bulbs this year!

As so many of my lillies over the years had doubled and quadrupled, in autumn I dug up the bulbs and put them all in a plastic bag with the intention of splitting them into big and little bulbs and replanting them in the spring in bigger pots. Over the winter I totally forgot about them and forgot to transfer them into paper bags. When I remembered and found them I discovered I had a stinky bag of wet, rotten bulbs!!

So I had to start again. I found a pack of 18 mixed bulbs which said on the packet grew to about 28 inches. I now have a few lillies that have flowered and they are such tiny plants! They are only about 14 inches tall but actually they look really cute. The flowers they have produced are a wopping size. They are like full size lillies on a tiny plant!