June 10th, 2015

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James Last

In my New Romantic days in the early/mid 80's when I used to come home from the night club on the late night bus. My friends and I would hopefully get home in time to watch Prisoner Cell Block H. Before Cell Block H was always the James Last Orchestra show. I would often get home in enough time to see probably 30mins of the James Last show before Cell Block H started.

So it was sad news today to hear that the German easy listening bandleader had passed away today aged 86.

James plays three recent chart his in his 80s show -
Hands up by Ottowan, Japanese Boy by Aneka, and Agado by Black Lace


Random Questions...

You are about to walk into the Big Brother house....

1. What would your luxury item be?

2. What reason would the other housemates give for nominating you for eviction?

3. How long do you think you would last before being voted out by the public?