November 6th, 2015


Remember, remember the 5th of November.

It was Bonfire Night last night. The night we remember a bloke who tried to blow up Parliament a few hundred years ago by burning him on a bonfire and setting off fireworks.

I've always loved Bonfire night but the older I get the more I feel sorry for Guy Fawkes, It does sound like he was set up to be caught.

They have a big bonfire and firework display in my village but to tell you the truth it ALWAYS rains on Bonfire night!! So I haven't been to the village display for a number of years. As I live high on a hill that overlooks a large valley to the hills in the distance, I'm lucky enough to be able to just stand outside my front door - or if it is too cold and wet, sit in my conservatory and watch all the fireworks from there.

Last night there were lots of fireworks in the valley and on the hill across and all over the place in hundreds of different directions. Tonight a family who live in a house across the street from my flat had a Bonfire party with an absolutely fabulous firework display that started at 5pm and went on continuously until 9pm! I would say that their fireworks were actually better than the display we get in the village!! - I hate to think about how much money was spent on them!!!!!

I have a short video clip from this evening of the fireworks from the party going off right outside my flat.