February 11th, 2016

Blue Red

Well! that made me smile...

I've just seen something really lovely that's made my day!

I was walking up the hydrangea and privet bush lined steps up the hill and just before I got to the path at the top, a young boy about 6 years old zipped past on his little scooter and out of sight. As I reached the top step and looked around the bushes and down the path to my left, to look where he had come from or to see if there was anyone with him. In the far distance I see a very, very elderly lady on a tiny scooter pushing herself very slowly along the path towards me. As I had arranged to meet a neighbour at that junction in the paths I had to wait there as she approached me scootering along slowly! I was really wanting to take a picture but obviously couldn't because it would have been rude of me! As she got close enough for me to see that it was a Bob the Builder scooter, she finally gave up, and picked the scooter up and carried it along the last bit of path.

She was really out of breath as she approached me and said to me "He said to me this morning 'Great granny, you need to do some exercises outside with me this morning!' I think they must have been teaching them about the importance of exercise at school this week! But I don't think he realises quite how old I am! I'm 92 in May"!

lol! I really hope that I'm still able to scooter on a kids plastic scooter outside when I'm 91!!