April 6th, 2017

Music heart

A lovely song

This is Portugal's entry into this year's Eurovision Song Contest - and I think it's really beautiful!

English Translation -
If anyone ever wonders about me
Tell them I have lived solely to love you
Before you I only existed
Worn out and with nothing left to give

My love
Listen to my pleas
I beg you to come back
To want me again

I know
That one can't love by oneself
But maybe with time
You will learn to love me as well

If your heart
Won't be willing to give in
Won't be willing to feel
Won't be willing to suffer
Without making plans of what will come ahead
My heart can love for both of us instead

Blue Red

Just for fun poll - P

Poll #2065837 Just for fun poll - P

'P' (tick as many boxes as apply)

Have ever eaten Pineapple
Have ever been Parascending/Parasailing
Know which tribe lived in the Phoenix Mall
Have ever owned any jewellery from Pandora
Have an 'P' in your full name
Have ever read a book by Terry Pratchett
Have ever been to Paris
Have ever used a Prompt generator
Know what 'Paldies' translates to
Own a song by Katie Perry
Have ever watched theTV show 'Person Of Interest'
Have ever been to Pennsylvania
Loves Popping candy
Would love to be a Disney Princess
Own a song by Prince
Crab nebula

Okay so this is odd!

I've been saying to people how quiet LJ has been since the new Terms of the Service yesterday as I only had three posts on my friends page from the last two days intead of around 100!

I've just looked again and around 75 posts from the last two days have just suddenly appeared! Yay!! so there isn't just the four of us left on LJ!!!