December 3rd, 2017

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65 years of UK Christmas No1s - 1958

Conway Twitty - Its Only Make Believe

"It's Only Make Believe" is a song written by Jack Nance and Conway Twitty and released by Twitty as a single in July 1958. The single topped both U.S. and the UK Singles Chart, and was Twitty's only number one single on the pop charts of either country. It is believed that Twitty wrote his part of the song while sitting on a fire escape outside his hotel room, to escape the summer heat, in Hamilton, Ontario.

I bought this single in 1993 from a local record collectors shop for £1.
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65 years of UK Christmas No1s - 1959

Emile Ford and the Checkmates - What Do You Want To Make Those Eyes At Me For

"What Do You Want to Make Those Eyes at Me For?" is a song written by Joseph McCarthy, Howard Johnson and James V. Monaco in 1916. It was released in 1917 by Ada Jones and Billy Murray on Victor Records.

It became a UK hit in 1959 when a do-wop version, produced by Michael Barclay, became a number one hit for Emile Ford & The Checkmates over the Christmas and New Year of 1959/60, having overtaken Adam Faith's 'What Do You Want?'.Its stay in the UK Singles Chart began on 31 October 1959 and lasted 17 weeks. The last chart-topper of the 1950s, it retained the number one position for the first three weeks of 1960 until it was replaced by Michael Holliday's 'Starry Eyed' on 29 January 1960. Ford was the first black British artist to sell one million copies of a single.

I think a friend gave me this single around 1996.

A funny thing happened some years ago - I was playing christmas music in my flat one evening when one of the young people from the youth club called to give me a Christmas card. This song came on and she suddenly got really excited and shouted 'Oh Emile Ford and the Checkmates!' I was REALLY surprised at a 14 year old knowing an artist from the 50's so I asked her how she knew the song. She told me that he had been the guest singer at the holiday camp she had stayed at for the week, only 3 months ago, and she and her family had had a really great evening. She had even got his autograph!!
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65 years of UK Christmas No1s - 1960

Cliff Richard and the Shadows - I Love You

"I Love You" is the fourth UK number-one hit single (and the second of 1960s) by Cliff Richard and The Shadows. It was written by Shadows' rhythm guitarist Bruce Welch. Released in December, it was a Christmas No. 1 and stayed at the chart summit for two weeks, although it did not carry a traditional holiday theme.

This was a single that I didn't actually buy until many years after I had started collecting. I had done my own research in 1993 by looking through chart books and there were a few years where the new chart day actually fell on the 26th or 27th Dec and there was a new no1. In my list I had counted whatever song was no1 actually on 25th Dec and hadn't realised that for a while the chart dates were actually "week ending" and not "week beginning". With the development of the internet, the list of UK Christmas no1s became available on line, and I realised that I had listed several songs wrong. The 1960 Christmas no1 being one of them as I had thought it was "It's Now Or Never" by Elvis Presley.

I had bought the Elvis single in 1993 at a charity shop for 50p. After I realised I had bought the wrong single it took ages to find a copy of this and I eventually bought it on 7 inch single in about 2003 at a record fair. It was one of my more expensive buys at £8.