C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

We got the train tickets sorted - sort of! We had to pay for new return tickets from paris to agde as there is noone in the office over the weekend who can autherise(sp) ticket changes. When we get home we have to send in the tickets and they will investigate by listening to the recorded phone call to see about giving us our money back! Well i know i never asked for the place that was on our tickets as I'd never heard of it before noticing it was on the ticket!

We had our night in Paris and don't really see that much as after a few hours we were so tired we went to bed - it was only 7.45! But we've both slept until 8am this morning. So we must have needed it!

I've got free wifi in my room so i'm laid in bed posting this! We are going for breakfast now and then if we've enough time before the train we are planning to go to the Bastille Sunday market.

I'll write again soon from the South of France. x

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