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August/September catch up post (1)

It feels like I've been away forever!!! I've been home for 5 days now and this is the longest I've been in the house for the last month!!!

At the end of August I went to Greenbelt Festival for 6 days. It was great fun. I take a group of young people and so 23 of us; 7 adults, 3 young children and 13 young people travelled down in a minibus pulling a trailer full of camping gear. We arrived at 11 am to find that for the first time in ten years the site was closed to vehacles as it was too boggy. As it's been great underfoot for the last ten years everyone of us had got comfortable with the fact that we can drive to the campsite and unpack before taking the minibus to the carpark. I for the first year didn't have my rucksack, I had a small wheely case, plus an airbed, plus warm bedding rather than my sleeping bag etc. etc.!!! So the minibus had to park up and we had to carry all the tents - mine is tiny as it's only a little two man dome tent but we had the huge cooking tent and everyone elses tents that we carried across the site which took about half an hours walk to where we were camping. The young people all went back and carried more stuff as I offered to stay and help put up tent. I wasn't actually much help as the huge tents were about 6 feet tall and I'm only 5 foot but the blokes who were trying to put up the tents were quite rubbish at sorting out what went where! At least they were great at listening to my advise and instruction on how to construct them even if I couldn't reach to do the top bits myself!!!

The young people then went back and because they're young they thought it was great fun to all pull the trailer full of stuff from the car park for half an hour to the camp site! Thank God for young people!

By the time all the trips had been made (about 3.30pm) me and the 2 guys had managed to put up the three large tents and two small ones. I did mine next and it took me all of 10 mins - it's that small!

We had tea and then the festival started at 5pm.

On Friday evening I went to see the performance artists 'Zic Zazou'
They were fantastic. If you sort of think of 'Stomp' but more musical. They had loads and loads of factory equiptment like grinding wheels and metal pipes and they just played tunes on anything and everything. Chairs, tables, saucepans, drills, drainpipes, etc. For the encore they did a scene as though it was after work in a bar and some of them played the wine glasses with wet fingers some of then blew across the top of bottles ans some struck bottles that were filled with water so they were tuned.

Over the weekend I saw so many bands that I can't remember who I did see and was surprisingly drawn this year to listen to a lot of poets performing. I went to a drumming workshop and met up with several friends that I only see once a year at Greenbelt.

Music wise the highlights for me were were the unplanned musicians that I saw when there was nothing I really wanted to see so I wandered around the small music venues to see if anything good was going on. None of these three I would have chosen to have seen but were all really good in their own way. (excuse the bad qualities of these videos my camera isn't that good!)

1. BeBe Vox
(removed because I suspect it has some sort of pop up bug)

2. Floe

3. Foy Vance. 
Foy I saw on mainstage as I arrived early to watch the next band.

 I listened to poets Roger McGough, Paul Cookson and Stuart Henderson, bought three new tops and a new jacket, and had a great time.

We were able to drive the minibus onto the site on Tuesday morning so packing up was far easier than unpacking had been.

I got home at around 4pm and started getting ready for going to the South of France in the early hours of Saturday morning.


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