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August/September catch up post (2)

After coming home from the festival on Tuesday evening I had until Friday night to get everything sorted and packed for going to the South of France.

I've had a lovely time but it did seem at first as though whatever could go wrong did! It all started at about 10pm on Friday night as I had finished packing and was doing a final check of my documents when I suddenly realised that our train tickets for Sunday morning from Paris to the South of France were on the wrong train and to the wrong destination! I tried to ring the office straight away but they closed for the evening at 9pm and didn't open again until 9am in the morning. I had a VERY sleepless night worrying about it as our Eurostar train was booked for 9.15am and you need to arrive at the check in desk at least 45 mins early to go through customs. So we got a taxi at 4.30am, got our train to London at 5.15am.  We'd booked first class tickets (cheap of course!) but the train had no heating on anywhere and at that time the carrages were really freezing!! We arrived at 7.30am and went to speak to the Eurostar man straight away who was really lovely as it had nothing to do with him because we didn't buy the tickets from his company, he went away and came back telling us that he had changed us onto the 10.45am train and told us to come back to see him if it turned out to not be enough time to sort the problem out.

Bang on the dot of 9am I rang the train ticket company up (they are in Kent) and with waiting to get an operator had to ask them to ring me back n my mobile as the coin operated call box would only accept 3 coins so after £3 that was it. (I'll also claim that back!) She rang me back and told me that unfortunately there was no-one autherised to change tickets in the office over the weekend so I would have to buy new tickets and then try to claim the money back when we got home. So Steve offered to pay on his card - we went through all the procedure only for Steve not to be able to remember his new flat's postcode and her computer not to be able to accept the card without a postcode! So we had to go through it all again as I gave my address and postcode and used my card instead. This reminded me that when I'd booked the original tickets I had told the man that i had a new address and had given it both for my card details and so he could put it into the computer, but the tickets were still sent to my old address (thank goodness I have redirected post!) I told this story to the woman on the phone and she said Oh I'll change it on the computer now ....So again told them address twice! When we got home the recipt for the purchased tickets had still been sent to my old address!!! anyway we were given a code to type into a ticket machine in Paris to get our new tickets.

Sorted..sort of!

So we then go to the Eurostar, it's now about 9.45am so we were ok for time. Going through customs I was asked if my hand luggage bag was mine which I said it was and the man asked if he could look inside. He took everything out ...and was that bag full!! He put all my electrical stuff in one tray and all my other stuff in another tray and tested the electrical stuff with a drugs tester. He said ' You'll be pleased to know you've passed'. I asked what I'd passed and he told me it was a drugs test. I asked quite shocked and innocently 'Why the electical stuff? is that where people hid it?' He nodded and told me he knew I wasn't carrying anything as soon as he asked me if he could check my bag and I said yes. (Again in innocence) 'Why do people actually say no to you?' 'Oh yeah!' he answered we get more no's than yes's'

Anyway that's customs done with.

We got to Paris and go to the hotel that I'd booked which had cost us more than we usually pay for a night in Paris to find that we had a double bed when we'd booked a twin room, (We can't possably sleep together after travelling!!). They Kindly tried to find us another room and when they couldn't offered to change the beds in the room. So we went out for a walk and left them to it. When we got back the beds were changed but they wern't made it just had a white bottom sheet on it. So I went down to reception and asked is the beds could be made, (I'm pretty sure that's what I was asking for) she looked at me confused and told we that they were, I said they weren't and she apologised and said she'd send omeone to the room to do it. After a while someone came and looked strangely at the beds and then turned over the duvet!!! it was white and had been tucked in on all four sides of the bed...I mean...who tucks a duvet in at the top of the bed?? how embarrassing!!! LOL!!!
We had our night in Paris but really didn't see that much and just looked in the local shops as we were so tired. So we went to bed - it was only 7.45pm! But we've both slept until 8am this morning. So we must have needed it! We had planned to go to the Bastille Sunday market but our new train ticket times were for 10am and so by the time we'd had breakfast it was time to leave for the train. We caught the train and had a nice journey to the south arriving at 2pm. We got a taxi to take us the next 5 miles to the site.

We had a large caravan (8 berth) to ourselves on a really nice site. The weather was arround 30C all holiday and we had no rain until the last day. Unfortunately we felt slightly more stuck in one area this holiday as when we went to the villages tiny unmanned train station the times had changed. Instead of the only train out being at 7.30am it had changed to 6.45am and the station was a 15 min walk from the site! At no point in the holiday did we feel like getting up at 6am to go to another town or a market! So we walked around the couple of miles or so area of our village and relaxed a lot in beach bars over the fortnight. I read a good book while I was away and was disapointed the the second book I'd taken with me was set at Christmas! I didn't fancy that when I was on my hols so I picked up a book from our reps office and started reading that instead. As it was the end of the season the rep told me I could take it home with me so I'm about half way through it now.

On the Saturday was my sisters wedding. We had arranged to skype it and I had VERY kindly been given a netbook in the summer to watch it on. It started well but went wrong shortly into the wedding (her end I think)...thank goodness we'd been prepared for that and she'd got her friend to video the wedding too. So I've not seen it yet as she's still on honeymoon in Portugal until tomorrow. But her dress looked lovely from what I saw and I can't wait to see the video and photos. When the link went down we were sat in a beach bar with a glass of wine and said cheers at the time we guessed they would be married for.

Coming back to Paris we stayed overnight in a very cheap B&B run by two spanish twins who kept bickering at each other! They were funny! As we were staying on the edge of Montmartre we took a walk up the hill to the Sacre Coeur. it's really magnificent and we recognised some panels of glass that looked like they were made by Rene Lalique. We then spent the evening looking round Montmartre at all the artist who were on the street painting and we went in a really quaint piano bar for a drink.

We travelled back on Sunday. Steve beeped at customs...he's forgotten to empty his pokets and he had masses of stuff in lots of pockets! but apart from that we went through fine. Got home about 4pm.

I was also a bit put out while I was there...I went to the doctors on the Wednesday before I went away for some tablets, I've taken them loads of times before with no problems but when I started taking them I started getting a heart flutter...(kept missing a beat). Now we all get it sometimes so I wasn't worried at all and off I went on holiday. On the Middle Sunday it had got so bad it was happening every minute or so and I got really panicky! I remembered that it had started as soon as I'd taken the first tablet on Wednesday so decided to stop taking them straight away and put up with the consequences. On Monday it dropped down to every 3 hours or so but they continued thoughout my holiday until this Monday when I oly had 3 throughout the day. I went back to the Doctors on Tuesday and she apologised and agreed it sounded like the tablets. She wants to see me again in two weeks but i've been fine now since Monday night. It's strange how I've taken then loads of times before and never had a problem with them!

I'm very brown and the sun has blonded my hair in streaks. Everyone keeps saying 'OMG how brown are you and your hairs so long and blonde!!!' I'm really liking my hair this colour and I think I may have it done like this next time as I've not had blonde in my hair for 25 years or so....I've had many, many different colours over the years I just haven't had blonde.

I've had a great relaxing holiday



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