C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

August/September catch up post (3)

So got back from France on Sunday (19th) afternoon. Steve also had the day off on Monday so in the morning he went to pick up the car from storage and then we went out for the day to Scarborough. We got there for about noon. It seemed funny to be paddling in the sea again in a completely different sea from the one I'd been paddling in only two days earlier!

We had lunch on the beach and had a walk up and down the front. We went in a lovely little new vegan cafe that's opened on a back street near the market and I had a wonderful apple and pear smoothie (with soya yogart).

We drove home at about 6pm and got home for 8pm.

Tuesday morning I went to the docs to tell her about te heart flutter things, and then spent a few hours at my moms, I'd planned to stay longer but her friend turned up unexpectedly and I stayed for a bit but excused myself and came home leaving them to have a chance for a natter.

Wednesday I spent the day unpacking and washing my clothes. In the evening Steve took me shopping for some food.

Thursday I went to my moms again and we had dinner together and i stayed until about 3pm. It was nice to be able to have some time together and catch up on things. In the evening I went to choir - found out that we have a concert in three weeks time! I only confidently know one peice out of all of them with being away so much this summer! I sort of basically know most of them and one I don't know at all! these are the songs we ran through this week - Gettin' to be a habit (the one I know well), You raise me up (quite well), Anything goes (so so), Let's do it (not so), thank you for the music (so so), Moon river (no no) and Fields of Gold (thankfully it's a very similar arrangement to one I did in a choir about 15 years ago so it came back to me).

Friday I went to slimming in the morning and found I'd lost a pound over the holidays. I'm pleased that Ive lost weight but dissappointed that I'd only lost a pound with all the walking I did and all the salads I ate! In the afternoon I sat and relaxed. Oh yeah and repotted some of my plants that the neighbour had accidently over watered while I was away - I'm not holding out much hope for them, I think they'll have root rot!

Today I've been sorting out this letter to send of to the rail company and doing these catch up posts!

Oh yeah ...The very last of my summer bulbs that I planted in the spring are now flowering.

Ahhhh.... caught up!


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