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It's Friday Again!

From thefridayfive

TV Time!

1. What's your favourite TV network?
Channel 5

2. If you could create your own channel, what would it be?
One that showed all my favourite programmes whenever I wanted to watch them.

3. What TV show did you watch as a child, that you wish they would bring back?
The Tomorrow People, Time Slip

4. What show have you always hated, and wonder why they ever made such a dumb show?
Jackass, Beauty and the Geek.

5. What TV show's seasons would you buy on DVD?
I have The Tribe series' 1 - 5  and 2000 acres of Sky series 1 - 3 and quite a few more! If they ever made Strange Luck on DVD I'd be first in the queue! but at the moment I'm looking for the cheapest Lost series 3 I can find and maybe in the near future I'll buy Heroes.
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