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LJ has been really quiet this last couple of weeks! Where is everyone? I've been reading my friends posts but instead of the several pages a day I usually get, I've only been getting 4 or 5 posts to read in a day!! I expect everyone is having a busy time with their RL .

Say 'hello' to me if your around!

It's been a lovely hot sunny two days.

Yesterday Steve had a day off as he's working this Saturday so we met up and went to a lovely Italian cafe for a croissant and coffee. It's in the middle of a small out of town group of shops where there are a cluster of good quality charity shops. We had a look around the charity shops but the only thing I bought was the book 'Steve and Me' by Terri Irwin about her life being married to Steve Irwin.

We then went to two different garden centres to buy of plants for my large planters. I also bought a twizzly grass type plant and some violas and have made a really pretty modern looking hanging basket.

In the evening Steve went home early and I got a call from my friend Chris asking if she could call around for a chat as her partner had gone out to the football match. It was great seeing her again - I've not seen very much of her since she got the new man! hmm...

Today for the first time since I moved in this flat 18 months ago I slept in late!! I got up at 9am!!! I relaxed outside in the sun with a cup of coffee and listened to a couple of Dave Gormans Podcasts. I've enjoyed Dave Gormans comedy/educational/? tv shows and live stand up for many years now but only discovered that he had a 3 hour Sunday morning radio show just before I went on holiday (it makes into a 1 hour podcast) so I've got 47 shows to listen to and I've now listened to 25 of them!!!

I then planted my new pansies and primulas in my large planters. They look very pretty.

This evening I went to Choir. They've decided to move the concert to November as they couldn't get any guest musicians who were free to play the original night in October. I'm pleased as I really don't think we are anywhere near ready for a concert! I can't see us being much better given four extra weeks either really!!

So tonight we ran through -
Moon River,
Jeanie With The Light Brown Hair,
Anything Goes,
Our Love Is Here To Stay,
Money Money Money,
Thank You For The Music,
Getting To Be A Habit With Me,
Fields Of Gold,
You Raise Me Up,
Softly As I Leave You,
and we started learning Wind Beneath My Wings.

Actually - we can't be that bad as a choir if we've got to the stage where we are going through so many songs in one evening. At the beginning we only work on two songs a night.

I've got a new addiction and I really must give it a break!! I bought sims3 for my ipod touch 3 days ago and I cant stop playing it! aghhhh!!! I'm loving the game but hating how much time this sort of thing can take up!!

I went to the doctors last Friday as I've been having Palpitations. They started when I started on a tablet before I went away to France and got worse and worse during my holiday until I stopped taking them in the middle of my holiday. They gradually improved I went to the doctors when I got back and then they gradually stopped. Then after a week they started again and it's been going on for nearly two weeks. Doc took some blood on Friday and booked me in for a 24 hr monitor. The test results for thyroid, anaemia and kidney function came back today all ok and I've got to go to the docs on Monday to pick up the 24 monitor. I just have this feeling that although I've had these palpitations for a few weeks now, on the day I have the monitor I'll not get one!

That's it for now... Don't forget to say 'Hi'


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