C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

I've still been getting the Palpitations although they have been happening a lot less since Thursday. I got my blood tests back from the docs and everything came out fine so yesterday I had to go down to the docs in the morning to have a heart monitor fitted for 24 hrs. I thought it was going to be bigger than it was! It was only the size of my ipod touch!

So I carried on yesterday as normal and did have a couple of palpitations during the day.

I'm very tired tonight as I didn't sleep well last night. I was very late to bed after being on the computer. When I went to bed I had the monitor clipped to my knickers and a diary at the side of the bed to record if I woke up in the night. I woke up loads of times and turned over and wrote it all on this paper! I'm sure that if I hadn't had to write it all down I would have just turned over and gone straight back to sleep again without being aware that I'd woken up. 

So tonight I'm going to bed when I've written this.

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