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I've got to go for finger physio!

I went back to the Hospital A&E this morning. They said when I was last there to come back if my finger wasn't better in three weeks. Well it had two weeks of improvement and then last week stayed the same - it still hurts like mad if I go anywhere near it  and it won't straighten or bend fully at the joint.

The hospital man was lovely. He explained that it was the type of injury usually associated with basketball players and cricket players who reach to catch a ball and it strikes them on the end of the finger. He added that in most cases it clears up after 3 weeks and I was one of the times when it hadn't. It sounds like (I think!) I've torn the ligament and chipped a tiny bit of bone just below the joint. He asked me if I was left or right handed and I said right but that I am studying sign language and so was worried that I wasn't able to make the proper hand-shapes.  So I'm being sent for finger physio on Monday afternoon.

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