C.x (itsjustc) wrote,


I went to the Doctors today for my results of the blood tests and the ECG. Everything is fine than goodness! That said, it doesn't explain why I'm still getting the irregular heartbeats. The doctor explained that the next step was to give me a months supply of betablockers to see if they settle it down.

I went from the Doctors to my mom's for dinner and got back around 3pm. I got a visit from a man from the council calling to see if i'm still having trouble with noise from my neighbour. I explained that I felt bad about reporting it and I know that they are not being in anyway malicious but that it was my elderly neighbour upstairs who is deaf and puts her telly on at 7am so loud I can hear all the dialogue and on Sunday morning she likes to watch match of the day and the cheering crowds are REALLY loud! After he left I read for a while and then watched a few episodes up to the end of Series 4 of the Tribe.

Now I'm just deciding whether to go to bed or not!

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