C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

Picture meme

This is from a while back. I did post some of the pictures as repies to comments but some pictures are new.

misstia  - either the bar you go to to see the red haired fellows or your new wallpaper you just had put up....

The bar's more interesting than the wallpaper - it's just white embossed wallpaper!

pixielix  - I'd like to see a picture of the church you go to.

- Oh and do you have anything still around the house from your art college days? If so I'd like to see it!

'Hard warmth'

and 'Bryan'
Bryan is actually a piece we did in pottery class that started out as a project on distortion. I had to draw a self portrait from my reflection in a piece of tin foil! we then had to make this into a pottery head. My lecturer (called Bryan) had all the heads on the table at the front and announced who had got the best mark by holding up my head and saying 'now...Who made this pot?' and then pulled the same face as my head - the resemblance was uncanny!! we all laughed! forever after that he's been know as 'Bryan'.

-  And can I see your DVD's?

These are my tv box sets. My film DVD's are on the next two shelves down. Unfortunately my batteries have run out on my camera!


justams  - Your books/shelves.

- And because I liked this one: Something that never fails to cheer you up.

My mom :D

and guess what!

If anyone has some more photos of my life they would like to see them just let me know and I'll post them at a later date.

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