C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

Local Film Club.

A few weeks ago someone in choir mentioned to me that a film club had started in the same building as we meet in for choir but because of the licensing laws in the UK they weren't allowed to advertise or an charge entrance. You also have to join as a member.

They meet on the first Wednesday in the month at 2pm and they are only letting people know by word of mouth.

So I went along today knowing nothing about it! Well it cost me £1 for membership and £1 for a raffle ticket, which goes towards tea and coffee. Today's film was 'Mamma Mia' which I really enjoyed as I hadn't seen it yet. The club has been running for 3 months now and apparently last month they watched 'A Room With A View' and the month before it was 'The Railway Children' (which I love!). It seems as though they don't tell you which film they are showing until you get there - again I think due to copyright and licensing laws.

There were about 12 people there - all older, and turns out I knew about 8 of them from different things I'm involved in around the village. One of the ladies who I didn't know obviously knew me as she told me she used to really enjoy the monthly article I used to write for the village magazine and told me that she really missed reading it now I didn't write it anymore.

They served tea and coffee afterwards.......Oh and I also won the raffle prize - a large box of shortbread biscuits!

I had a really pleasant, fun afternoon.

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