C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

Hurray! It's not raining today!

I've just realised that it's been a while since I actually posted anything about anything!!

I've been fed up these last few weeks as the problem I'm having with the irregular heartbeat is stillongoing. I'm three weeks into the beta blockers the doc gave me and they (sortof) seem to be working but not totally - although she did tell me they would take about 3 weeks to start working. The problem comes back most evenings as the tablets are nearing time to run out but then it does seem to go away 10 mins to 1 hour after taking them. I'm due back at the docs on the 22nd of the month.

Also I've noticed that sitting at the computer for long periods of time seems to make them worse. So I'm having to try to only spend short spells sat here. I've used my time up catching up on other peoples posts, commenting and doing short bursts of writing. 

Other news - It's our choir's concert tomorrow night. Thank goodness he's wiped 'Money Money Money'. We were bobbar at it! Rehersal last night went well (apart from MMM!) and everything seems to have come together and sounding good.

I've not been walking for 3 weeks as i've just not felt like it and also it's done NOTHING but rain everyday for about 4 weeks!

Not much else to report really.

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