C.x (itsjustc) wrote,


I'm feeling  very happy today. Some nice things have happened.

Firstly. I had some nice post today. I had a Christmas card from multred_a  and one fromtakhallus .Thanks to both of you for them  x  I also got my 'Red' issue of Fillament Magazine  http://www.filamentmagazine.com/. It looks a very interesting read (and I bet you can't guess why I wanted a copy! LOL!)

Secondly. The tickets for the Eurovision Song Contest final go on sale tomorrow and all my friends (except 1) still want to go even though they now know the price and they are going on sale so near to Christmas!

Thirdly. I just got an e-mail from the Eurovision fan club to say that my name has been drawn out of the ballot for a ticket to sit in the front fan club area of the arena. You get a ticket to the two semifinals and the final! I'm not going to get too excited yet as I was pulled out in position 180. The fan club says they have applied for 190 tickets but they are hoping to get as many as they ask for! If so then YAY!!!!!

I have Eurovision plans A-Z worked out I think!
I'm still going to go ahead and try to buy a ticket for the final tomorrow. If I do happen to get a fan club ticket then the friends who can't afford a ticket at the moment has said she will buy mine off me at a later date. If we don't get tickets tomorrow and I don't get a fan club ticket then my cousin aimingtobefit has said she'd still like to go to Germany but go to the dress rehersal of the final show!

Fourthly. tribeathon  starts posting stories tomorrow! YAY! more Tribe stories to read, I'm excited!

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