C.x (itsjustc) wrote,


So... didn't manage to get tickets yesterday.....Didn't even manage to get through to the website!

11:12am - 6.45pm GMT server busy!

11.12am poised and ready...clicked....server busy!
1pm checked the eurovision forum it would seem that noone in the world so far had tickets so it looks like their server crashed.
2pm still no-one with any tickets.
4pm a few trickles of bought tickets
4.30 no-one else getting tickets as server crashed again
6pm a few more people on the forum saying they had tickets
6.45pm An anouncement on the website that all tickets had been sold!

There was a right hoohah on the forums last night complaining at the terrible way the company hadn't prepared itself for a massive amount of people flooding their site at 11.12am!!! apparently last year the ticket website worked wonderfully and the tickets were sold out in 25 mins!

Tickets are now on sale on e-bay etc and the £73 tickets are selling for upwards of £190 and the £150 tickets are selling for upwards of £350! I'm not willing to pay these sort of stupid ticket touted prices!

So my plan B is to wait and see if I get the fan club front area tickets from the draw last week! as I said in Saturdays post my name was drawn out 180th and they have applied for 190 tickets. 

I'm also going to try to buy final dress rehersal tickets. These tickets go on sale on Wednesday this week. 

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