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My Name is Carol... so why can't I be a tomorrow person?

After many, many months of silence within the community, I've finally written my next prompt at 50_posts ! I'm aware that these always seem out of context with the rest of my posts but that's just how it goes! 

My Dream Job...

I’ve been struggling for months with this prompt.

After watching a DVD box set my sister bought me for my birthday and it’s taken me right back to my childhood....


Guess what I want to be most in the whole wide world? I really, really, really, really, really, want to be a Tomorrow Person.

I love the show soooo much. It’s Tuesday and I can’t wait for school to finish so I can run home and watch The Tomorrow People before my tea. All my friends feel the same, we all love it. Only... I know that I’m the bestest out of all of them because the girl on the show is called Carol. That means that because my name is Carol too, if they were really real, then I’d stand a good chance of getting picked to be one of them, wouldn’t I!  Whenever me and my friends play I have to be the leader of the game and as I don’t have any friends who are actually called John, Steven or Kenny, everyone else just has to pretend to be one of the boys or be some newer lesser made up character. The other day my dad gave us all ‘Jaunting belts’ that he’d made out of car seat belt buckles that he brought home from work and WOW! Do they look exactly like the real things?  Now we have the belts, we really, really look like Tomorrow People. We can pretend to disappear and reappear anywhere on the earth or in space.

I’ll wait patiently for the day when I find out that it’s all true and ‘break out’ as a Tomorrow Person. In school and at home I listen out in my head for the voices of John, Steven, Kenny or any special person with powers, waiting for them to talk to me through brain waves and tell me I’m one of them; that I have special powers. I’ve tried moving cups and things with my mind, but sadly no luck so far.

Obviously, If they let me be a Tomorrow Person I promise that I won’t hurt or kill anyone because I know that’s not allowed, and I promise I won’t tell anyone that I am a Tomorrow People (except my mom’s and dad’s of course because you should always tell your parents if you are chosen) because the Government will want to take me away and tie me up. What with trying not to be tied up by the government and not being brainwashed by some spy or alien it’s going to be a tough life being a Tomorrow Person!

I know these people on the TV show don’t really exist, but I wait, and hope ... that maybe one day I’ll get my dream job!



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