C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

UK Christmas No1s 1952 - 2010 (1994 & 1995)

I love Christmas No1s and have collected them over the years on 78, vinyl and CD. 

East 17 - Can someone please tell Brian and the other the members of East 17 that words spelt with a 'TH' are pronounced 'TH' and NOT 'F'!!!! If there is one thing that annoys me it's people saying 'frow' instead of 'Throw'  and 'fink instead of Think!' etc. It really bugs me!!! My friends and I have said that it is becoming so common for young people to not pronounce their 'th's right that we reckon another 10 - 20 years and everyone will say 'fink' and 'frough' and the 'th' sound will have left the English language completely!!!

and I do really like this Michael Jackson video!

Here are the next two songs -

East 17 - Stay Another Day

Michael Jackson - Earth Song

Tags: 1994, 1995, earth song, east 17, michael jackson, stay another day, uk christmas no1s

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