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Bits and bobs

I'm enjoying writing the small stones for the small stones writing month. http://ijme.livejournal.com/ 

I've been to the dentist today. A filling came out of the side of my front tooth last night so I went to have it redone. It was a bigger job than I thought it was going to be as the filling had to be made slightly bigger. Being only a small filling originally I hadn't needed an injection, but today I did. It feels achey this evening!

Healthwise my beta blockers seem to be working - I'm going for about 8 days in a row now without any irregular heartbeats and then maybe I have 1 day with them. It's an improvement that I'm happy with. I've been on them for about 8 weeks now so hopefully soon they may  stop altogether!

I've not dared cut down the labyrinthitis tablets after having that attack a few weeks ago. Maybe I'll leave trying again until after May.

I've still not heard from the fan club as to whether I've got the tickets to the Eurovision. I've still not totally told Steve I'm going yet as he's not happy about me going! He says he's worried in case I get ill abroad and he's not there to help me. I can see his worry but I was going abroad for many years before we started going out together! 

[info]multred_a  has asked me to travel around the Hebrides with her just after the Eurovision. If I save hard and the fan club tickets don't happen at least I'll have plenty of money to go travelling with her instead. :)

I've also been invited to two parties on the same weekend! One is my friends Helen's 60th in Nottingham on 9th April the other is my Friend Andy's 40th in Scotland over the weekend of 8,9,10th April! If Andy's is held around Edinburgh I may go for the Friday night and travel back to Helen's on Saturday, but I get the feeling that Andy's b/d is going to a highland hotel and that it would be difficult to get back to Nottingham for Helen's Party on the Saturday. I still have a month to decide before I have to RSVP them both. 


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