C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

Yesterday I went walking with the Tuesday group and it was being led by Julia who is getting a reputation for taking us on long fast walks, and there are a few ladies who struggle to keep up or walk as far as we do! So we walked down the main road nearly to Hillsborough and then back by the Rivelin Valley nature trail and then up the REALLY steep path back up the hill. It was a nice walk but tiring. It was about 3 and a half miles but we were back within the hour!

The sun was shining and I walked and talked to one of the elderly gentlemen that regularly walks with us. The other regular gentleman has recently found out that he has cancer so isn't able to come walking anymore but for the first time since Christmas he felt well enough to walk to the room where we meet and joined us for a coffee after we had walked. It was really nice to see him again.

Today in the morning I did some of my glass painting as I'm preparing for a craft fayre at Easter.
In the afternoon I went up to the village to the church hall where I go for choir practice. It was the monthly secret film club! It's not really a secret it's just that because of the licensing laws they are not allowed to advertise it, the fact that it's happening can only be spread by word of mouth! As Decembers film was cancelled because it was when we had had snow we watched the film they had picked to show that month - 'White Christmas'. I've never seen it before but I enjoyed it, although Danny Kaye tended to talk way too fast!

All it cost me was an 85p bus fare. I would have walked up but I took my folding chair with me as the seats in that church hall are really painful to sit on. I walked back down though!

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