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My flowers in my planters are going mental!

I've no sign of any snowdrops yet but then it is still a bit early for them. A few people have told me that they are starting to open. Spring is on it's way! Snowdrops are one of the first british flowers to flower in the year. But this year I have no snowdrops, daffodils, tulips or any of the spring bulbs flowering yet but all my Iris's flowered today! They aren't supposed to flower until early March! Also my Azalea that flowered throughout September, October and November until it snowed is in full bloom again!

Steve bought a little woven birds rooting pocket that he's hung up in a corner on his front.
(Like this one - http://www.greenfingers.com/superstore/product.asp?dept_id=200415&pf_id=LS0509D)

He told me that he'd got birds in it when it was deep with snow so I they had found a nice warm place to sleep. The other night I caught sight of 6 birds leaving the nest one by one! Then last night I saw one sitting in the doorway looking at us and I realised that it was a wren! I've only ever seen one wren before in my life and my mom says she's only seen 2 and she's 82!  They aren't rare in this country they are just very secretive birds and you usually hear them but don't see them.

I've got a roosting pocket too but I've no birds in it yet although a couple of great tits have had a look inside!

I'm getting a lot more robins since I got the new feeder with the metal tray that catches seed as they like to stand in the tray and not on the perch - and since I got it I've had NO PIGEONS!


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