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This Week

I've had a busy week this week.

Monday I went walking with my friends from slimming club we walked from the top of the village down to Hillsborough which was about 5 miles. We went to a cafe in Hillsborough for (healthy) lunch and then I came home and caught up on a few different TV programmes from the weekend that I'd missed. In the evening I went to Steves for Valentines dinner. It was lovely. He made a beautiful (as low fat as possible) chicken korma. But we did have a small triffle for afters. yum! 

On Tuesday morning I should have been doing a few different things at the same time! I usually go walking with the Tuesday group but it was also the monthly Tenants and residents association meeting. Well I didn't go to either! I went to my moms instead and spent a few hours cleaning her house for her. I didn't get home until around 5.30pm and I went out again to my church house group at 7pm.

Wednesday I spent the day doing my craft work. I was trimming the black paint on my glass nightlights. They are now trimmed, washed and ready for painting. I have a craft fayre in April.

Thursday I had planned to start glass painting but realised I no longer had any larger sized artist's paint brushes so I couldn't get on with it! So I spent the afternoon tidying my kitchen and the conservatory instead! Then in the evening I went to choir. There was a bit of a hooha last week as FIVE altos left! two women left because they are both moving house this week but three left because they didn't like the music we are doing. That left us this week with six altos (thankfully we had one new girl start this week in the altos who knows these pieces!). So we progressed VERY SLOWLY with Faure's 'Requiem' and recapped on everything we had learned so far with Stainer's 'Crucifixion'. I think we may be just about okay to sing 'The Crucifixion' by the time of the concert in April but I doubt we will be anywhere near ready with 'Requiem'. At one point the conductor asked if anyone would like to go to the back of the hall to listen to the choir sing and I really excitedly asked if i could! So off I went! It's something I've always wanted to do as I've never heard our choir sing - if you know what I mean - I've always been a part of it and have never had a chance to just listen from a central position. Well....They sounded beautiful!, wonderful! I was really shocked and impressed!

Today I went to slimming club. Last week I finally managed to reach half a stone! My friend Rachel three weeks ago lost eight pounds in her first week (but she does have 8 stone to lose altogether) she's now lost 1 stone 4 pounds! I suppose I've only got another half a stone to lose so I suppose it's different, but it's taken me 14 weeks to lose half a stone - half a pound a week! Anyway I'm sticking at this weight for a couple of months and have called it my target (even though its only half way!) I'm sooo tight for money at the moment as I'm saving for Dusseldorf that I can't afford to pay for slimming class so my consultant suggested making this my target for now and then as a target member I can come to class for free as long as I stay within three pounds of my target weight. After my trip to Germany, when I have some more money available I'll work at losing that other half a stone. I think it's a really good idea as if I didn't go to class each week I would easily put that weight and more on. 

Oh and BTW  after two years of slimming, Audrey got her 9 stone award today and finally reached her target! Yay for Audrey! 

Tonight I've just watched the German song for Europe programme and during the programme they had a pre filmed video of the commentator taking Lena around Dusseldorf and into the stadium where the contest will be held! It's huge!

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