C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

Such a little thing to get angry about!

I just overheard a conversation and it made me really cross!!!

1st guy (foreign visitor) - "Where are you from?"

2nd guy - "The south coast of England, Brighton"

1st - "Oh that's where the beaches are really rocky isn't it?"

2nd - "I think you'll find most of the beaches in England are really rocky!"


Why do so many people from the south coast think that the rest of the countries beaches are rocky!

It makes me think that you have never travelled out of the Brighton area to another beach in all your life!!! 

Such a little thing to get angry about but I hear it said sooooo often!

(if you're from the south coast and you do know that the most of England's beaches aren't rocky then I apologise!)
Tags: cross!
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