C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

last few days

I've been doing my glass painting and varnishing this last few days. I now have enough large pieces painted for my craft fayre, which is about 7 weeks away. Next week I start on the small tealights.

I went walking on Monday morning with the slimming club ladies and I also had a few streets of leaflets for the tenants association to deliver which I did over a couple of days.

I'm having a really tired spell at the moment where everything is a huge effort! I've had a couple of weeks where I felt really energetic and have got loads of thing done that I've been putting off for ages and now it all seems to have gone again!

Oh I never wrote about last Thursday night! The choir conductor had a right go at us all and was very shouty and loud. He was mainly being shouty and loud over the fact that 'If people have a problem with him, why don't they approach him and tell him'! I personally like him but being shouty, loud, egotistical and for the fact that he does exactly as he wants and doesn't listen to anyone else, are exactly the reasons people don't approach him and tell him when they have a problem!

He was also ranting and raving about how good we were as a choir and how we could do great pieces of work and not just the songs from the shows. 

Well his shoutiness made me feel very uncomfortable so afterwards I approached him and told him that although i appreciated the fact that he was in the most part trying to be encouraging (which he was) I didn't agree with the way he had gone about it! I told him that as a very confident person I had felt uncomfortable, so how would a shy member feel being shouted at when its a voluntary, supposedly fun evening out! His first reply was "but I am a shouty, loud, sort of person!" Anyway after talking to him some more he thanked me for telling him.

As I left the building about 6 elderly woman were waiting for me outside and all started asking me what I'd said to him. When I told them they were all like "OMG you didn't!!" "That was brave of you" " He made me nervous this evening!"

So I was a bit of a hero on Thursday night!
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