C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

Overheard conversation - Saturday

I was waiting to buy bread in a little bread shop on Saturday morning. The younger women assistant was telling the older one about having recently gone shoe shopping. (in the UK  many of our shoe shops display one shoe in each size and you have to ask the assissant to get you the other one)

"So I passed it to him and he went off to get the other one and I'm sat there for like, ages!"
"Did he find it?"
"Well he comes back and says to me 'sorry madam but It says on the box that there's only the one shoe'"
"One Shoe?!"
"Yeah! I said to him 'One Shoe!  How ridiculous is it that a shop would display a shoe that wasn't a pair!  Then I asked him if he often gets one footed people buying shoes from his shop! ...(turns to me) Can I help you luv?"

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