C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

It's been a while since I last posted. I think the winter blues had finally caught up with me and I have just felt like hibernating these last few weeks. I've done well this winter though. This year for the first time in years my SAD has only felt like the blues and not depression! YAY!

The house move means that I now get sunlight all day from sunrise to about 4pm in my livingroom, conservatory and on my front yard. In the old flat I only got direct sunlight from 3pm till sunset! Also we have had quite bright weather thoughout this winter. So to only feel SAD coming on in February when it's nearly spring is not too bad a thing!

Oh and another thing I've just realised - I've not used my light box this year!

I havn't been walking on Monday or Tuesday for a few weeks because either the weather was rubbish or I was waiting for a workman to fix something around the house and last Tuesday was the Tenants and Residents Association AGM. I got voted on to the committee for another year - which I'm quite happy to do.
Thursday I went to choir. Now I have been managing to get there most weeks as my neighbour Joan now calls for me and we go to the bus stop together. Her calling gives me the kick up the backside to get myself out on a dark cold winter night when I can't be bothered! I'm half sad that I won't be around on the night of the concert as it all suddenly seems to be fitting into place and we are sounding really nice! We are performing John Stainer's 'The Crucifixion' It's a very Victorian/Edwardian classical choir piece and it is really nice. It's the first time I've done a religious piece with this choir. This is one of the songs from The Crucifixion -

It's Mothers Day next Sunday so yesterday morning I'd organised and ran a kids craft morning for making Mothers Day presents. We had different tables with different crafts - making cards, decorating glass tealights, tee shirt printing, sweet making and making mobile phone charms. and we had nice gift bags for the kids to put in the things they had made to give to their moms. We had about 25 kids aged from from about 18 months (helped by dad!) to 11.

Damn! I'd got a few piccies to post too, but LJ's not letting me post them at the moment! Ah well!

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