C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

Two weekends away

I've had two fun weekends. Last weekend I went to Nottingham for my friends Helens 60th Birthday party. It was good fun. As I didn't know anyone except for Helen, she gave me the job of going round asking people to fill in memories of Helen in a book and it gave me a good excuse to talk to most people in the room.

I travelled over by train on Saturday afternoon and came back on Sunday morning.

This weekend cousin aimingtobefit and myself went to Manchester on Saturday to attend a meet up for those people going to the eurovision song contest in Dusseldorf (and a few who aren't going too!). There were about 200 people at the do and we had a fantastic time. It started as a preview night for all the songs in the competition followed by a euro disco into the early hours. We hung around with a group of 8 older and younger men and who made us very welcome and told us lots of stories about the fun they have had at past eurovisions.

We left at around 1am as we were very tired from just about solidly dancing for 3 hours!

Back at the youth hostel where we were staying we made comments on the unusual dynamics of the night.

1. You don't usually see young and much older people dancing to all the same stuff. It only usually happens at weddings and parties.
2. It had a proportion of about 180 gay men to 5 straight men and 15 women. A safe, fun and fantastic night!
3. It's a long long time since I have been to a disco where I've enjoyed all the music and danced for three hours solid!

Three weeks today until we go!

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