C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

Unsuccessful Camping trip and nasty accident!

Can I say before I start - although Steve insists he's done more camping than I've had hot dinners I REALLY, REALLY doubt it!!!

Steve rang me on Thursday to ask if I would arrange for us to go camping for the weekend as the weather was looking as though it was going to be lovely. So I rang up a few sites and most were full with it being Bank holiday weekend. One I rang near Leeds had camping space. Knowing how tiny my tent is I asked on the off chance if they had any caravans available. They had one available for Friday night but not for the rest of the weekend. I rang Steve and asked him if he wanted one night in the caravan and one night in the tent. He said that he was excited about camping so therefore wanted the two nights in the tent.

We discussed what to bring and I told him how cold it can get at night - he was insistent that it wouldn't.

So we arrive Friday night he's not brought a jumper or coat or anything for the evening! It started to get dark about 8.30 and it started to get colder. 'It doesn't matter' he says 'he can get tucked up in bed'. I moaned alot that I wasn't going to bed at 8.30! Eventually we went to bed about 9pm and thankfully we were nice and warm all night. but at 1.30am I was still awake while he was tutting that he couldn't get to sleep!

Next morning we both moaned that we felt so ill from lack of sleep. The day just got hotter and the campsite had no shade! We felt worse and he started saying he wanted to go home. I agreed that I wanted to, but because I never usually say I want to go home it took me about two hours of persuasion to convince him that I really just wanted to go home. I couldn't bare the thought of another night of his tutting in the tent!

So we packed up and set off home. Just as we were leaving Mom rang me to tell me she was in the middle of a vast hail storm that was flooding Sheffield! We got as far as Hillsborough (about 2 miles from home) and all the roads except Lepping Lane were compleatly flooded so we queued in traffic to find that the top of Leppings lane was also flooded and they were diverting traffic down a tiny side street. A bus was having to turn down this tiny street and was doing a 50 or so point turn. A local man was out on the street behind the bus helping him to reverse. All of a sudden (thankfully out of my sight!) the man screams in pain from the other side of the back of the bus and suddenly everyones running over to help him. I wasn't sure at the time if he had been crushed against a knee high wall or if the bus had run over his foot! The bus inched forwards and the man hobbled from the back of the bus followed by two policewomen who ran to help him.

I didn't see or hear any more because another policeman came and made us all turn around in the road and go back the way we came. As all the roads at that point were closed the only other way to my area was the diverted 20 mile countryside route.

When I got home I rang and told my mom what had happened with the bus and the man. She rang me later to say that my sister had been working for the police that afternoon and that the bus had run over his foot but the man had refused to wait for an ambulance and had insisted on going home!

We then spent a lovely evening having tea and relaxing on Steves front yard happy that we had not stayed at the campsite and releaved that the man wasn't fatally injured - even if he was obviously in pain and daft enough not to go to hospital!

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