C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

Bryan Adam's has got a little girl!

My celeb boyfriend has just announced that Mirabella Bunny Grimaldi Adams was born on Good Friday.

Congratulations to Bryan and Alicia

(LOL! Bunny!)

Bryan Adams welcomes Mirabella Bunny!

Bryan Adams is a dad!
The 52-year-old ‘Summer of ’69′ singer and Alicia Grimaldi have welcomed their first child, a daughter named Mirabella Bunny.
The “really proud” new papa announced the big news today, and also revealed the inspiration behind Mirabella’s unusual second name: She’s an Easter baby!
“She arrived like all good Easter bunnies on Easter Friday,” Bryan tells People. “Mother and baby are both well and happy. Thanks in advance for your kind thoughts and wishes.”
Congratulations to them on the happy news!

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