C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

Just posting to break up a page of fraggle icons really!

I'm back off my holiday in Cornwall. The weather was quite cool for June. It was sunny and no rain but you needed a cardi on to keep warm. I had a nice time. We went to St Ives, Falmouth, Padstow, Portleven, Praa Sands and lots more places. I've no piccies I'm afraid I had trouble with my camera while I was away (It's fine now!).

I've no TV reception - I came home to find scaffolding up along my walkway, they are replacing some guttering, but in putting up the scaffolding they have bent my TV arial and managed to disconnect the wiring from the arial. The wire is too short to reconnect while the scaffolding is there. I've rung the council up both yesterday and today but they still haven't got back to me!

I've been catching up on 3 weeks of The Apprentice and Brothers and Sister yesterday and today on the computer. If anyone can think of anything they think I should watch from the last couple of weeks (or just last week if BBC1!) then let me know.

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