C.x (itsjustc) wrote,


After playing a small cheap version on my ipod, I bought sims3 pc game this week and it arrived today! Yay! I've not had much time to do anything with it yet though!

Today I booked for the 14 hour Eurovision bash that the fan club run every year in October in Manchester, with guests, a stars in their eyes compititon, Quizes, a euro disco, a concert by a guest, and loads more. I made loads of friends at the Eurovision in Dusseldorf it was lovely to recieve so many e-mails asking if I was going! So today I've sent for the tickets for myself and cousin aimingtobefit and booked a nearby hotel on a really great offer price.

Tonight I went to choir for the first time in 5 weeks! It was really nice to be back. Tonight there were 16 sopranos, 15 tenor and basses and 2 altos! We started learning 'Fields of gold' for the first half until breaktime which did for once have a few solo alto parts which was quite nerve racking when you have to try make your voice heard as loudly as 16 sopranos! After the break we started learning 'Bridge over trouble water' but its the Luther Vandross and Jennifer Holliday, gospel version. Lastly we sang an oldie that we have sung many times but I do love it - 'Our Love Is Here To Stay'.

Oh... and someone is supposed to be coming tomorrow to fix my TV ariel!


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