C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

Eurovision chat!

Talking about Eurovision has reminded me just how wonderfully handsome and beautiful Amaury Vassili is -  I'd really really love to practice having his babies!

Submitting opera into the contest was a total unknown. Were people going to like it or hate it? As it turned out, as wonderful and as fantastic he had sung in every rehersal, on the night, he had problems with his ear piece and sang really off key! so he came near the bottom of the table.

Right up until I saw this next song sung live did I loathe it with a passion! I Loved the Greek ethnic part of the song but I hated the rap bit of the song and could not see how it had won over the other songs in the Greek national finals. Then I stood 3 rows away from him in the semi final and the sounds of the ethnic and the rap together were fantastic. I realised that I'd finally 'Got It!' Plus the Greek chappie was handsome in a 'I'm fighting for the girl I love, by singing like this, against you a rapper, who's trying to win her over with rapdancing' (Which is what the song is about!) - Oh Yes! your Greek singing would win me!

The next song I have added to my fav songs playlist on my mp3 player. I knew it wouldn't even get out of the semi final - too different for the whole of europe to like!

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