C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

Fed up!

I'm getting a bit fed up of stopping around the flat! I've still got a few more weeks of saving money to get my purse back in order after my Dusseldorf and St Ives trips and I'm really trying hard not to spend any money and to find things to do that don't cost anything.

On Thursday I had workmen in the flat taking away my water tank and connecting me up with the new water system.

Friday morning I got up to find my kitchen floor and lower cupboard and bathroom floors flooded! I rang the council repair department up at 8am. They came at 3.30pm! Very flooded house with wet hall carpet! Apparently Before the work was done I had low water pressure and now it's high! It had blown several holes in my old pipe work! It's just about all dried out today!

On Saturday I went to the local village carnival. It was a lovely sunny afternoon and I was starting to burn in the sun! I helped out on the church stall for a couple of hours before I had a look around, had lunch at the refreshments and then came home. The church stall this year was a graffitti wall. I hadn't been to the carnival for a couple of years but it was definitely a lot bigger than it had been! It nearly fills both parts of the village park! I enjoyed looking around the classic car show and there was some lovely owls too. I managed to go all day and only spend a small amount of money on a sandwich and a coffee.

I went walking this morning with the Tuesday ladies. It's the first time I've been with them for a few months. We had a walk up to the very top of the village, through the park, past the church, down through the horse field and on the bridleway back to the beginning. It was lovely and sunny and Frida kept me entertained with her humorous conversation!

I've got to be in tomorrow for the council to finish the water job they started on Thursday. They are coming in the afternoon.

Sorry if there are any mistakes in this post - I'm listening to my friend's radio show "A Kick Up The 80's" while I'm writing and I haven't checked it!

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