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Tonight's The 'Eurovision Song Contest Semi Final 1'

Here's my thoughts and predictions on tonights songs in Semi final no.1

Heres my thoughts -
1st thoughts
Todays thoughts after listening to all the tracks 6 or 7 times.

1. Montenegro - extreemly boring.
- still extreemly boring

2. Isreal - This guy had a really nice voice. I think that the song is really nice but a song with this sort of sound hasn't won the contest since the late 70's. I think it will get through to the final.
- think I feel the same as I did on first listening

3.  Estonia - Oh dear what can I say! sad, not funny and awful It may get through its semi final but I do hope not.
- on listening to this 6 or 7 times you do end up singing to it (unfortunatly!) it is better than I first thought but still fowl! I can now see this getting through tonight.

4. Moldova - extremly boring.
- still boring, its not a style that has ever won eurovision

5. San Marino - boring!
- very unmemorable. Have I heard this one before?

6. Belgium - I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! But because I'm saying that from a personal view point I know that it will either do really well and be in the top 3 or it won't even get through the semifinal!
I suspect the later as we all know about the political voting that goes on in this contest.

- still think personally this is a beautiful song with beautiful harmonies and I still think that Europe will either love or hate it!

7.  Azerbaijan -  I think that thesongs does have something and grabbed me on the first hearing. I think that they will get through their semi final and maybe even do well but I don't think it will win.
- the more I listen to this the more I love it! 

8. Slovinia - OK and would possibly get through the semi final although I don't think that it's a winner.
- A very 1990's eurovision dancey chorus but overall it's not that good.

9. Norway - extremly boring
- This has grown on me I think it may go through

10. Poland - boring
- This one has grown on me with a few listenings and I was singing it as I washed the pots the other day. I now think that this will get through tonight.

11. Ireland - Mental!! I think that Ireland really are trying to do a father ted and lose dramatically. I think that it will either be loved or hated so therefore will either get nil pointe or douze pointe!
- Still think the same as I did before it either a love or a hate
thing I think it will get through the semifinals. I personally don't like it.

12. Andorra - I don't think that the is a winning song, and it may not even get through their semi finals
-  This has really grown on me and I think it's catchy have been singing this one as well.

13.  Bosnia - very boring and I had trouble sitting through the whole song!
- This one has really grown on me as well. I was singing this one yesterday not a winner but iI now think that it will get through the semis.

14. Armenia -  I think the song could get through it's semi final and be in the final but it doesn't strike me as a winner.
- I feel the same as I did before with the addition that it could do quite well on Sat.

15. The Netherlands - I think it will get through to the final
-  it gets boring

16. Finland -  trying to enter another Lordi type song. It's ok.
- It's grown on me and I was singing this as I was vaccuuming yesterday I personally quite like this one but it's not a eurovision song.

17. Rumania had something about them and I think that they will get through their semi final.
- feel the same as I did before although I actually like this one a bit less than I did.

18. Russia - had something about them and I think that they will get through their semi final. -
- Can't see what the big fuss is about this one personally. It's ok niceynice and fluffy! It still looks in line to win!

19. Greece - not bad it had a catchy beat not a winner though.
- This has grown on me a bit on listening a few times and It's quite ok.

Ten to go through


'Can't make my mind up'

Dead in the water
San Marino
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