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A 'I still haven't got any money' moan!

Nothing exciting to report...not done anything of great interest for a few weeks.

I've STILL got a few more weeks of saving money to get my purse back in order after my Dusseldorf and St Ives trips and I'm really trying hard not to spend any money and to find lots of things to do that don't cost anything and I'm STILL getting a bit fed up of stopping around the flat most of the time! But I am catching up, living on hardly anything, saving up, paying all my bills and not getting into debt.

aimingtobefit  says that they should have employed me to sort out our counties debt!

I'm hopefully going away to Greenbelt festival at the end of this month...I paid for the ticket in January. At the start of September I'm going to Cornwall again with Steve. He's very kindly paid for that holiday.

Then... by about mid October I should have all my money in order! Just in time to start thinking about Christmas pressies!
I'd just like some money for ME again, rather than it all going to other people and other places!

Sorry for the moan...I've not been so well these last few days, and I'm anaemic again so I'm really tired and moany. I'll be fine when the iron starts working!

(I just put 'lethargic' in my mood box and I've just had to laugh at my purple blob. LOL it's the first time I've seen that one!)

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