C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

Got a few things done!

Last night I realised that I needed to take my sims 3 to Steve's flat for him to hide from me for a while! It's too addictive!

So today being sim free and just about back to normal health wise I've finally got around to shampooing my spare bedroom carpet and rug, my hall carpet and rug and my living room large rug. They have all come up all white and shiney clean! The two small rugs have been cleaned once before last year when my mom got the new shampooer and I rolled them up and took them on the bus down to her house. My large living room rug has never been done since I got it about 6 years ago. It looks SOOO clean!

I've just got my bedroom and the living room carpets to do. It'll maybe have to wait now until after the weekend.

I also sorted out the books in my bookshelves and put some in a pile to go to friends, neighbours or the charity shop.

Sometime either tonight or tomorrow afternoon I've got some stuff to write for church on Sunday. I like to write it on Thursday or Friday then leave it until Saturday afternoon and go back and re read it with fresh eyes and correct any mistakes.

I've got some plant news too but I'll put it in a separate post with some photos.

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