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ESC 30 Day Meme - Day 6

Day 6 - your favourite entry by a duet.

In 1982, I was going through this stage of my love life! This song reminds me of who I fancied at the time, how I was feeling and how shy we both were around each other! LOL! There was a whole year full of lots of following each other around college and smiling at each other, sitting on the next table to each other every day in the refectory, going out to the same pubs and clubs and always dancing next to each other etc,etc,etc! And in all that year we only got as far as saying hello to each other! We never spoke!!

I swore to myself that if I ever saw him again I would talk! I got my chance in 1992 a couple of weeks into my new temporary job. I got off the bus and at the bus stop was a shop where I noticed he was stood outside! After catching my breath with the shock we said hello and started talking. He told me he worked there. It turned out we both knew loads about each other even though we had never talked before. For the next few days we would meet in the sandwich shop every lunchtime and chat. Then suddenly after only a few weeks the person who's sick leave I was covering wanted to come back to work so that was the end of my temp job there.

I've never seen him since.

I still think about him and wonder what happened to him. I'd love to bump into him again one day.

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