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I'm having a few mins break! I'm in town buying my sisters birthday pressies. She's 40 on Sunday. So she wanted an Internet card (3v?) so she can put it towards a new portable DVD player. After searching around and lots of shop assistants giving me blank looks and one actually giving me a look as though I'm a fool (hmv!) I found them in w h smiths with the help of a lovely assistant who knew what I was asking for. Looking for a card is a nightmare! All the 40ths are old fashioned or rude or you're getting old or just horrid! I've got one but I'm not totally happy with it! I've also bought her a good bottle of wine and an expensive (on half price offer!) box of choccies! So now I'm done buying I'm sitting in the coffee shop drinking a frappe and wondering if I can be bothered to go looking for a new top for myself to wear this weekend for the eurobash in Manchester. I don't really like clothes shopping! I have to be in the mood. I'll have a quick look in the nearby shops and that's it!

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