C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

I had my hair coloured and cut on Tuesday (Photos later!) then today I had my nails French Polished so I've had a tidy up week.

I've been to choir tonight for the first time in 4 weeks! I've really enjoyed it. We have a concert next Saturday so we've been running through a lot of the songs. 4 weeks has made a massive difference! All the pieces sounded really good.

Tonight we sang 

As torrents in summer
Thank You for the Music
The Wind Beneath My Wings
Autumn Leaves
Our Love Is Here To Stay
'Oliver' medley
Rhythm Of Life
The Cachucha
Two songs from 'Les Miserables'
Fields Of Gold

When I got back from choir I'd had a couple of lovely messages from friends who are going to Manchester tomorrow for Saturday's Eurobash and we've arranged to meet up in the evening. Everyone sounds really excited about a weekend full of Eurovision music and great friends. I'm meeting aimingtobefit in the morning and we will be getting to the Manchester for about noon.

If you're interested, the New game of Balderdash starts on October 2.

Please join - It's fun!

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