C.x (itsjustc) wrote,

Manchester Weekend

I had a really great weekend with cousin aimingtobefit at the Eurovision Song Contest con. It was fantastic to meet up again with friends I'd met at either 'boom bang a bang' in April or in Dusseldorf in May.

We weren't staying at the conference centre where the con was being held so we arrived at our hotel about 3pm and settled in. At about 5pm I got a text from my friend Adam inviting us out for a meal to a Tai restarant. We met up at the conference centre and eight of us went for the meal. We went for a drink after and were joined by another couple of people, both of whom I didn't know but one of them ended up in our 'gang'.

On Saturday we arrived for the start of the Eurobash just before the start at noon and had lunch and chatted to more friends as they arrived. For the first couple of sessions we were split up onto different tables to get to know more people. The first session was a Euroquiz (which I wasn't very good at helping with!) followed by the results of the 'battle of the bash' (see this post for details) and the voting on the winner.

Then after a break the guests were interviewed. there were 5 guests -

Peter Lundin from Stockholm who has worked for many years behind the scenes  and organised and produced the ESC 2000 in Sweden.

Comedienne and impressionist Kate Robbins and her sister Jane (most people in the UK wouldn't remember that Kate used to sing and had been in the Eurovision Song Contest before she became well known) They sang as members of the group Prima Donna in 1980. Kate and Jane told some interesting stories about Eurovision and were very funny.

and Beanz and Paul from 'Love City Groove'  Which was the worse UK entry ever I think! but Beanz and Paul were lovely and had a lot of interesting things to say.

We then had tea which was lovely. I had salmon!
After tea we went into the concert room and one of our 'gang' Paul, had saved a large table for us all so all 9 of us got around the table. There was a little concert of three songs by Beanz and Paul. They did the 2011 version on 'Love City Groove', a new song they had written for the day and then a version of Brotherhood of Man's, 'Save your kisses for me'.

After that they held the Eurostars competition, the acts were very good some did 70's songs complete with purple silk lycra flarey jumpsuits. and some did modern songs. everyone captured the outfits and the performances really well.

Then at about 9.30pm we had the Eurodisco which went on until 2.30am. We all danced like madmen for hours! After the disco we chatted for an hour or so in the bar.

When we got back to our own hotel we went up to our room (on the 8th floor) and the door card wouldn't work so we had to traipes back downstairs ang get the receptionist to help us get into our room!

It's the first time in years I've still been out and up at 3.30am - I'm too old for all that!! LOL!!

I had a really good time and its really nice to know that this group of people wanted to be my friends and have fun together and they weren't just putting up with me!!

Thanks Paul M J, for organising the event, thanks to Adam K, Adam B, Paul B, Paul G, Garrett, Bryan, and Kevin for making it a great day, and thanks to the many new friends I've made - Paul J, Elaine, Tracey, Evette, and Rachel.


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